Terah Lynle (imperialviolets) wrote in seatofthebishop,
Terah Lynle

Ok time to get this community rolling or rather- built.

What cathedrals have you been to?

What did you experience while in one of the cathedrals?

Imagine yourself in the time period it was built, how would you feel walking in the doors, what would you exerience?
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Since no one ever seems to commment, I thought I would. I'd just like to say I love both this and <lj user="artoftheday>. They're absolutely fantastic. I happen to love cathedrals, which I blame on an innudation of them while I lived in England. I lived in a small city, which was in fact really a town, but because it had a cathedral was known as a city, with an absolutely gorgeous cathedral. It's called Ripon Cathedral, and my sister used to sing in the choir. There's an Anglo-Saxon crypt in it as well. Err, sorry none of that was very coherent or lucid. I'm hungry. The point of all this was just to say that I do really appreciate all the effort you're putting into both sites, and that I look at them daily. --Tom
I've only been to one 'cathedral' or facsimile thereof.

It was this little Catholic one here in town...well, not so little, but in comparison to the real thing and all...

Anyway, it gave me the creeps. It was gaudy. and the priest scared me. I thought I saw him turn and stare at me but my friend says that he turned and said something to him at that particular moment. The priest has since had a rather bad reputation exposed in the press around here...and still creeps me out. Umm what else...felt claustrophobic...and tried to shake the priest's hand as thanks for letting me photograph (have since deleted pictures, it's been a year or two) and perhaps that was a faux pas on my part, but he shrank away as though I were damned. Scary little place.