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Norwich Cathedral

cross posted to seatofthebishop and my own journal.

well, there has been very little activity here (btw i was belisama).

I thought i would post some links and images from the first cathedral in england that i visited. Norwich is in Norfolk, NE of London.
the website is really fantastic. it is one of those sites that you really have to look through to find all of its treasures though.
they history & teaching sections are quite good also.

here are a few of my favourite images:

detail of Statue of St. Benedict


Norfolk Labyrinth

i wish i had a scanner, so i could show some of my favourite things about this wonderful place.

well enjoy :>
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That is a really interesting Labyrinth--not Chartres style, as near as i can figure. I'm going to have to look at that a bit more.

Thanks for the pics, and the community!