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Oh, and this might be of interest as well. [02 Jan 2006|07:18pm]

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Just discovered this community-- [02 Jan 2006|06:53pm]

--while playing around with interest lists on LJ. It doesn't appear there's been much 'traffic' here, but I write a lot about cathedrals in my own LJ so thought I'd join, and maybe find out what other people write. Here are a few of my cathedral posts:

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Norwich Cathedral [26 Mar 2004|01:55pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

cross posted to seatofthebishop and my own journal.

well, there has been very little activity here (btw i was belisama).

I thought i would post some links and images from the first cathedral in england that i visited. Norwich is in Norfolk, NE of London.
the website is really fantastic. it is one of those sites that you really have to look through to find all of its treasures though.
they history & teaching sections are quite good also.


here are a few of my favourite images:

detail of Statue of St. Benedict


Norfolk Labyrinth

i wish i had a scanner, so i could show some of my favourite things about this wonderful place.

well enjoy :>

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[09 Feb 2004|09:32am]

Sagrada Famila
One of my pictures from my trip to Spain 3 years ago

I can't chose a favorite cathedral, but I would have to say that Gaudi (the architect) took my breath away. After touring Europe for years and seeing Gothic after Gothic (and learning the bits of differences between each one) it came as a shock. How bizarre it looked! It was so flowing, and angled.

I'll continue more later, have class.
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St Albans [08 Feb 2004|10:57pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

quick entry before bed, so i stop feeling bad about not contributing...

one of my favourite cathedrals in the uk would have to be St. Alban's - in fact, the entire town is quite lovely. the town of St. Albans was about 20 minutes from my old home in the uk.

the altars, stained glass and shrines stand out with their rich history.
pictures behind cutCollapse )

more information about the cathedral and the history of St. Alban can be found at http://www.stalbanscathedral.org.uk

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[07 Feb 2004|07:29pm]

Fact I learned at Chartres: A cathedral that has three doors on it's facade will have two smaller ones and one large on in the middle (aBa). You enter the cathedral and exit to your right (signifying that you are always on the right hand of God). One never shouid enter the left door and exit to their left. The middle door is only used for ceremonies (St. Peter;'s in Rome had their door opened for the new millenium)
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[07 Feb 2004|07:26pm]

Ok time to get this community rolling or rather- built.

What cathedrals have you been to?

What did you experience while in one of the cathedrals?

Imagine yourself in the time period it was built, how would you feel walking in the doors, what would you exerience?
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[06 Feb 2004|11:13am]


Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
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